Popular vlogger Ivana Alawi to give her own "BRA" to her fans

True enough that many people couldn’t really live a day without checking and updating their social media accounts. The moment we wake up and even until before we close our eyes as we sleep at night. Some people also tend to check their phones and their social media accounts inside of the bathroom as they were doing their “business. Social media tends to entertain, share knowledge, news and so many things under the sun.

One of the most popular personalities today in the online community is Ivana Alawi, she really had taken social media by storm with her viral videos and photos. She was known for being the elder sister of Mona Louise Rey, an actress admired for her amazing acting performances in some of her television series and films.

It was just recently when Ivana’s video once again surfaced in different social media platforms garnering a lot of comments and reactions from the public. At the beginning of her video, she talks about her bashers and those girlfriends and wives who were very mad at her as their partners tend to like Ivana more than them. Ivana shared some of their comments on her viral video and she had also hilariously shared her opinions towards them. She even mentioned another famous social media personality, “Senyora”, both of them always took social media by storm and they also earned a lot of fans and supporters.

At the end of her video, Ivana Alawi revealed that she will be giving a very special and unique Christmas giveaway for the lucky netizen to write to the comment section of her video. She will be giving away her very own and personal brassiere! She was even in front of the camera as she was removing those! Some netizens find it a little bit awkward as we all knew that many of us tend not to share our intimate apparel with other people. However, there were some people saying that it was an honor for them to have Ivana’s special brassiere. The lucky winner will surely be happy to have Ivana’s very personal stuff, isn’t?