Proud daddy! Robin Padilla finally meets Baby Gabriela

Robin Padilla was a picture of a proud father as he finally met his second daughter, Maria Gabriela.

On Instagram on Sunday, his wife, television host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, announced that she has returned to the country with her newborn daughter and firstborn child, Isabella, after more than three months in the United States.

She wrote, "WE ARE HOME!!!!! After 3 months... my family is finally WHOLE!!!" captioned the "It's Showtime" host to photos showing her and Isabela reuniting with Robin, as well as Gabriela's first meeting with her father.

"Home will always be with you [Robin]. Thank you so much for allowing me to do this for our children it was only possible because of you and your support. We missed you sooooo much!!!" Mariel added.

Mariel gave birth to Gabriela at a private hospital in the United States last November 15, just a day after Isabella celebrated her third birthday.

As earlier reported, Mariel shared some pictures taken from Isabella's 3rd Birthday celebration.

Mariel Rodriguez is a Filipina commercial model, endorser, television host, VJ, and actress. Mariel is an American citizen. She married Robin Padilla at the Taj Mahal in India on August 19, 2010.

Robinhood Ferdinand CariƱo Padilla is also known as the ‘Bad boy of Philippine cinema’. He is also a screenwriter, producer, director, and nationalist. He is also called the “The prince of the Philippine Action Movies”.