Fact check: Mommy Divine ‘takes her own life’ amid Sarah-Matteo wedding issue

An intriguing report involving Sarah Geronimo’s mother has been circulating in the online world for how many days now.

It said that mommy Divine “took her own life” after learning that the actress and Matteo Guidicelli secretly got married on February 20.

It was the website h0t.m0rningnewst0day.xyz that uploaded the story and it used several pictures of the gorgeous celebrity and her mother as video thumbnail.

When Rappler, the official fact-checking partner of Facebook, did its research about the suspicious report, it found out that the story was false and misleading.

The said website also mentioned that Sarah and her family did not release any information about the alleged “death” of mommy Divine.

The fact that social media users are instructed to share the video first before they can be able to view it also made the entire post suspicious.

Trending Bytes would like to advise all netizens to think first before clicking, sharing, and commenting on any unverified death news from suspicious websites.