Makeup artist ni Sarah Geronimo, ipinasilip ang viral video wedding reception ni Sarah at Matteo

A supposedly secret civil wedding for celebrity couple Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo ended up as a raucous media event.

First, the bride’s mother showed up unannounced at the scene of the ceremony and wanted to talk her daughter into calling off the wedding. Then the groom punched the bride’s bodyguard, believing he had divulged the ceremony to the bride’s mother.

All these made “Mommy Divine” a worldwide trending topic on Twitter but in a non-so-pleasant way. Despite all the fuss, AshMatt fans are in jubilant mood and have been flooding social media with best wishes for the newlyweds.

The well-wishes, however, mostly come with a plea for Sarah’s mom. However, despite their secrecy, many sweet moments between “AshMatt,” as they’ve been dubbed by fans, unfolded in the public eye.

And just recently, a video of their alleged wedding reception circulated online. The said the video was uploaded by Sarah’s make-up artist RJ Dela Cruz.n He posted it a few hours before Sarah and Matteo’s secret wedding leaked online.

Although there are no explanations indicated in his post, many netizens speculated that it is the AshMatt’s wedding reception.

“Ang bongga naman niyan! Kung totoo ngang wedding reception yan ng Ashmatt, well, they deserve it. They both love each other,” a netizen commented.

Earlier on Thursday, rumors buzzed online that Guidicelli and Geronimo — “AshMatt” to their fans — were finally tying the knot that night.

Doubts were cast on the rumors because Geronimo was at the ABS-CBN compound in Quezon City from morning through late afternoon, rehearsing for “The Voice Teens,” a singing competition in which she is one of the judges.