Ten-year-old becomes a parent to her siblings after mother left them

A young girl immediately experienced being a parent because she has to take care of her two siblings after their mother left them. At such a young age, the child did not expect to have responsibilities in life such as working to earn money so she and her siblings can eat.

The child is identified as Xiao Ying who lives in a small village in Nantang Gaozhou, China with her two younger siblings.

As a child, Xiao had a lot of bad experiences because of the hardships they went through, especially when their upbringing is not that great. Her father passed away due to a serious illness and soon after, her mother left them to his uncle.

However, in these circumstances Xiao became strong and promised herself that she would never neglect her brothers and will make sure that they would make it every day.

Xiao’s uncle wants to take care of his brothers but Xiao does not want to be away from them. For this reason, Xiao refused her uncle’s offer.

Even though Xiao’s responsibility is not easy, her determination to keep their family together is strong.

Every day, Xiao is busy taking care of her brothers and at the same time. They would walk to school together then afterwards, Xiao is going to look for ways to meet their daily needs.

Because of this child’s determination, this impresses a lot of netizens because at her young age, she already knows what life is about.

It always make me sad whenever a parent leaves their child to fend for themselves. Kids don’t have to work to survive. But in cases like this, all we can do is pray for the children to make it through.