Bodyguard ni Sarah Geronimo humihingi ng 1.5M sa Viva bilang danyos

Sarah Geronimo’s bodyguard demands Php 1.5-million from Viva. Jerry Tamara demanded this huge amount from Viva and refuted to accept a smaller amount to resolve the issue.

In a video upload by Raffy Tulfo in Action, Idol Raffy Tulfo accompanied Jerry to the office of Viva to settle once and for all the ‘punching issue.

Unfortunately, Matteo and Sarah were not able to attend due to their taping schedules. Instead, Viva boss Vic Del Rosario decided to talk to Jerry in a closed-door meeting.

Now, returning to the program, Tamara accordingly demanded Php 1.5-million from Viva. He was countered to be given Php 100,000.00 but refused to accept it.

“Dito, nasabi ng Boss ng VIVA na humihingi raw si Jerry ng P1.5 million bilang danyos. Nag-counter naman daw ang VIVA ng P100,000 na tinanggihan naman agad ni Jerry,” the statement read.

However, the hefty amount he was asking is for their new start. However, Tulfo said that his program is not allowing for issues to be resolved through money.

He also demanded Matteo to face him and make a public apology through Tulfo’s program.

Thus, but what he’s asking is quite complicated for the latter is from the other network and surely, his management wouldn’t allow him.

Two days after, the group of Idol Raffy found out that Tamara agreed to settle the issue by accepting the PHP 200,000.00 offer of Viva.

Tamara then sent a text message to Tulfo to thank him for all his assistance.

Because of this new development, the case between Tamara and Matteo is considered close.

To recall, Jerry Tamara asks help to Raffy Tulfo’s program and that’s where he narrated the story about the accident at the wedding.