The Hungry Syrian Wanderer gives free sanitizers, Vit C to those in need who can’t afford it

While others hoard a lot of sanitizers for personal use or sell them later on, one man selflessly thinks of his fellowmen during this challenging  times.

Basel, the Hungry Syrian Wanderer gave out free sanitizers to those people in need and who can’t afford to buy secondary necessities.

On his Facebook post, he told netizens that he bought the entire display of disinfectant to give away to nearby residents for free. His goal was to give it to the homeless, the less fortunate, street sweepers, public servants, construction workers and many more.

He clarified that he did not buy that much disinfectant to hoard and sell it to people who want to purchase from him. His cause was not sponsored too. He asked permission from the store to buy everything on display to give it away free to those residents nearby.

As seen in his video, they were able to donate to street sweepers, traffic enforcers, health workers, people in public hospitals, gasoline pump boys and some people on the street.

Netizens appreciated his efforts a lot.

“Thank you for that, our own people can’t even think of that, instead they buy it all and sell it for triple price. So sad that’s how they think in the middle of a crisis. But not all. God bless you more.”

“You’re such a one in a million man in this world.. You are so kind, helpful. generous and everything. I pray that the Lord will bless you always with good health so that you can continue your goals in helping to all people unconditionally.”

Based on his latest post, he’d been packing hygiene kits composed of vitamin C, face mask, sanitizer and soap. He is preparing masks for public hospital staff and elders in a  home for the aged.

He also gave a shout out to his two other siblings who are doctors in France and Saudi Arabia for they are the front liners in fighting against COVID-19.

“I may not end up a doctor as well, but I’ll be a doctor for giving hope na lang po.” Wow!

Great job, Basel! Thank you for doing this for the Filipino people.