Cavite Gov. Remulla appeals to Pres. Duterte to include middle-class families in social amelioration programs

We learned that Remulla appealed to the President to include the middle-class families in the cash subsidy program during the COVID-19 crisis.

Through a lengthy Facebook post, Remulla commended the national government’s efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines.

“We finally have the leader we have been waiting for,” he wrote.

“Issues which only you had the authenticity to battle. Despite the crisis, the country’s economy is in resilient shape and promises to have a sharp rebound after. Your economic advisers have served you well,” he added.

However, Remulla suggested that middle-class families should be part of the social amelioration programs by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

“I write to you today to appeal for the middle class,” Remulla said.

The governor explained middle class people rely on their monthly pay and government loans and income taxes are deducted from it.

“It is a time of crisis for everyone. Not just the poorest of the poor, but also those who have built much but not enough,” he said.

“They wait for the LGU’s to give them relief goods but those come few and far in between. They scrimp and pawn and borrow. They are barely surviving.

“As governor, I am respectfully asking that you consider them to be part of the social amelioration program. They may not get as much as the poorest of the poor but please consider their welfare. They are often over looked. They pay the most taxes. They keep our economy alive. They are mostly law abiding citizens. They need a break,” he continued.

In a Facebook post by the DSWD, the social amelioration programs include financial aid or Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS).

It also mentioned that 18 million families coming from poor and informal sectors will benefit from the program.

“Ang bawat sambahayan ay makatatanggap ng PHP5,000 hanggang PHP 8,000 na halaga ng mga programa sa social amelioration, batay sa maximum na subsidy sa bawat rehiyon,” it read in the post.