Dayanara Torres got emotional while giving video update on her cancer treatment

Dayanara Torres took to social media to share a video and photo compilation of the scenes that took place during the last episode of her skin cancer treatment.

The heartwarming video shows Dayanara breaking down as the people around her prayed for her health.

Later on, she gave another update on social media, letting her followers know that the latest tests she underwent showed that she is now negative for cancer.

She will undergo the same tests every three months for the next two years to monitor her health.

The former beauty queen was visibly emotional as she delivered the great news through a video message.

“I feel so blessed and happy! I had my tests done yesterday , (MRI, PET & CT scans) and they were ALL negative!

“From now on I will need to get the same 3 studies with radiation every 3 months for the next 2 years!

“Thankful to God to whom I've always prayed to with so much faith and has listened to the pleas of my heart.

“Thanks to all of you who always prayed for me, did not let go of me and made me part of your family and your prayers, Thank you for your beautiful messages full of encouragement and Love.

“To my mother that held my hand every step of the way, my family and my friends, who always cared and checked up on me, or even accompanied me during this tough road and sent me beautiful messages to keep me strong and let me know I wasn't alone.

“This battle is almost over ... 2 years will go real fast & I will come out of this stronger than ever,” she posted on Instagram.

In a recent live Instagram call with Filipina singer Pops Fernandez, Dayanara once again opened up about testing negative for cancer in her recent tests.

"I started treatment for a year and I thank the Lord and everyone for all the prayers. It’s amazing the amount of love and support that I received. Last week, on Monday, I had my last test to just check if there’s anything kinda like leftover hanging around, and everything was negative,” Dayanara told Pops.

After winning the Miss Universe 1993 title, Dayanara Torres worked as an actress and performer in the Philippines. She then went abroad and got married to singer Marc Anthony in 2000 until they separated in 2002. They have two kids named Cristian Anthony Muñiz and Ryan Anthony Muñiz.