Doctor who tested positive for COVID-19 records heartbreaking video message for wife, daughter

Aside from fighting COVID-19 and helping those who are infected with it, thousands of health workers across the globe have also been putting their lives on the line daily as frontliners.

In the Philippines, the Department of Health announced on Thursday, April 28, that a total of 1,336 health workers have tested positive for the virus.

We learned among those who were recently infected was Dr. Manuel Sotelo who is a staff member at Ospital ng Sampaloc.

Watch the video below:

During his fight with the disease, Sotelo recorded a video message for his wife and daughter just in case his condition worsens over time.

In the video, a teary-eyed Sotelo shared that he wishes to be with his wife and child.

He also expressed his love for his family as well as his desire to see his child grow up by the end of the video, "Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Gusto ko sana siyang makita lumaki."

Now, Sotelo has fully recovered from COVID-19 and is back at the hospital to resume his work as a frontliner.

In his online tweet, Jeff Canoy, a journalist for ABS-CBN News, shared some of the doctor's words about the virus, “This fight isn’t just for us. It’s also for the next generation. It’s for my daughter.”