Korina Sanchez gets frank on Coco Martin and Kim Chiu being subjects of criticisms

Korina Sanchez took to social media to discuss her thoughts regarding Coco Martin and Kim Chiu being subjects of criticisms online because of their views on the ABS-CBN shutdown issue.

In a post she shared on her Instagram account, Korina showed support to the two Kapamilya artists who are currently receiving a lot of mean comments from netizens.

According to the prominent broadcaster, their bashers are mostly “paid trolls” supporting the present administration.

“Coco Martin and Kim Chiu are under attack from bashers. Majority of the bashers are paid trolls which supporters of this administration have heavily invested in.”

“There’s a way to handle them. Engage or ignore. To engage is to simply speak back for everyone else to see what trash they are. Otherwise, deadma.”

“Coco and Kim may not be perfect in language or expression but, clearly, their hearts are in the RIGHT place. Right meaning, opposite of wrong. And you know whats wrong? The ABSCBN sudden — unceremonious, possibly illegal, immoral, sinister, unethical, despicable, abhorrent, inconceivable, wicked — closure.”

“So, sa harap ng Batas ng tao o Batas ng Panginoon, panalo si Coco at si Kim. Yun lang.”

Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Korina MarĂ­a B. Sanchez on October 5, 1964, is considered one of the most well-known newscasters in the country. On October 27, 2009, she got married to former senator Mar Roxas. Through surrogacy in the United States, she finally had her first babies – the twins Pepe and Pilar.