Good news! Russia announces its developed COVID-19 vaccine is ‘safe’ and ‘tested’

The Russian defense ministry announced on Wednesday that they were finally able to develop a CODVI-19 vaccine after clinical trials among volunteers.

We learned that about 18 people participated in the trial and it showed promising results.

In a report by Philippine Star, the ministry claimed that those whose who joined the trial were discharged without “serious adverse events, health complaints, complications or side effects.”

It added that the result of the trials gave them confidence about the safety and good tolerability of the vaccine.

"Their immunity is working well, antibodies are being created, they are protected against the coronavirus," researcher Svetlana Volchikhina said.

According to the report of GMA News Online, the participants were isolated in a military hospital in Moscow on June 18.

A member of the army who volunteered in the trial expressed her confidence that the vaccine will protect them.

"We now know that we are 100 percent protected," Yury said.

As reported by Manila Bulletin, the second group of participants who were vaccinated on June 23 are still in isolation and under medical supervision. The end of the clinical trials is expected to happen by the end of July.

Watch the video below: