Photo of woman with creepy resemblance to Jang Lucero at her burial goes viral

A netizen shared a creepy photo, which she screen-grabbed from a video of Jang Lucero's burial.

The angle was trained on the casket when a woman appeared in the footage.

She was wearing a khaki cap and also peered into the casket where the body laid.

There were no visible tears from the photo, and it would seem that she just took a "last look" at Jang's body.

The netizen did not say who the woman was, except that she said, the woman had a striking resemblance with Jang.

Here's her caption:

"Kinalabotan ako dito.

Libing ni jang lucero.

"Nangstalk ng isang tao para panoodin kung ano nangyari nasa libing nito, pinanood ko ng bigla akong kinabahan at natakot ng biglang sumilip ang mukha ng babae ito pansin ko mukhang mukha ni jang yong naka cap. naisipan ko i pause at screenshot ko para makita nyo din."

Rip ,Justice jang lucero."

Police reports revealed that both Jang and her girlfriend Meyah Amatorio know the suspects in the killing. One was identified as alias "Althea."

Police are requesting the suspects to surrender. If they will not, authorities will be hunting them down.

Jang Lucero became a part-time driver during the ECQ when she lost her job. She allegedly told her girlfriend that she would be picking up three passengers when the incident happened.