Sinulog Queen 2020 sells "bicho-bicho" to help family during pandemic

Sinulog Queen 2020 Monika Afable is not just a beautiful face, she is also a hardworking and industrious woman who would go out of her way to help her family during a crisis.

The lovely Monika is now selling "bicho-bicho" to help her family during the pandemic.

Every day, she would go around their community, door to door, and sell bread coated with sugar.

As per ABS-CBN, the beauty queen does not feel ashamed because after all, it is a noble job.

Monika is just one of the many who turned to selling stuff in these times. Comedienne Glady's Guevarra has been selling kakanin like palitaw and put. Gloc-9 also took to Facebook to sell his very own fried chicken, menudo, biko and quality jerseys.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused some economic woes to many Filipinos. The outbreak started out in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China. Scientists believed that the virus came from an animal at one of Wuhan's wet markets. The Philippines has slowly eased quarantine measures and Filipinos are starting to adapt to the new normal.