Chuckie Dreyfus throws shade at ‘taong inangat para pagtakpan ang baho’

Chuckie Dreyfus puzzled a lot of social media users because of the cryptic statement that he posted recently on Facebook.

We learned that the former child star threw shade at an unidentified person who has been covered up to not look bad in the eyes of many people.

“Walang nilaglag. Sa katunayan, sobra-sobra ngang inangat eh,” Chuckie wrote.

“Sobrang pag-aangat at pagtakip ang naganap para lang hindi magmukhang masama ang tao sa mata ng publiko at para hindi lumabas ang baho,” he added.

Many netizens thought that the statement was related to John Regala, especially because he is one of the people who offered to help him amid his serious medical condition.

The intriguing message was also posted just a few days after Chuckie, Aster Arroyo, and Nadia Montenegro released a joint statement about ending their involvement in helping the embattled actor.

“Kilala ka namin Chuckie Dreyfus. Bahala na [ang Diyos] sa humuhusga sa inyo,” a netizen commented.

“Alam nyo at alam ni John [Regala] yung totoo. Sa mga bumabatikos, wag kayo judgmental… Hindi mukhang pera si Chuckie noh!” she added.

Chuckie Dreyfus is an award-winning actor in the Philippines. In 1985, he won Best Child Actor at the 33rd FAMAS Awards for the film entitled “Idol.”

He got into a controversy a few months ago after his former “That’s Entertainment” co-star Sunshine Cruz showed alleged evidence that he lied about her.

John Regala also aired a claim that Chuckie and the other celebrities who helped him amid his situation just misinterpreted his “uncooperative” behavior.