Civilian trapped in PNP-PDEA shootout bravely asks police to secure her donut in viral video

A video of one of the situations in the PDEA-PNP shootout has gone viral due to the funny moment when a civilian requested the policeman to secure her donut.

"Sir, yung donut ko sir, ayun oh… pwede pakuha?" asked the civilian.

This came about amid armed men, with guns and in a very intense situation.

The policeman willingly obliged and other trapped civilians then requested for their belongings as well.

As the tension escalated, the SWAT team no longer acquiesced to the requests of the civilians and ordered them to place their hands above their heads.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is the lead anti-drug law enforcement agency in the country. It is responsible for preventing, investigating and combating any illegal substances and controlled precursors.