Broadcaster Howie Severino finds lizard in his healthy drink

Filipino broadcaster, Howie Severino recently shared a funny and gross anecdote on his Facebook page. According to the journalist, he found a rather curious and unexpected thing on his power shake.

Howie has apparently found a lizard in his drink. The journalist shared that he did not notice that a lizard has sneaked in to "bathe" on his drink.

He also claimed that had he consumed his drink much faster he would have probably swallowed the lizard as well.

Howie wrote that he only noticed the lizard when he felt something tickle his lips as he was drinking his shake.

"Anyway, yesterday, my son and I were enjoying our daily elixir. After I put down my glass for a moment, I was sipping its thick and greenish contents when I felt something tickling my lips. When I looked inside my glass, there was a butiki (a common house lizard) looking back at me with its beady eyes, appearing as surprised as I was."

He also mentioned that had he swallowed the lizard he might have needed to make an emergency visit to the hospital. Thankfully, the journalist noticed the little interloper before finishing his drink.

"It had dived or fallen into my glass without notice and was probably enjoying a cold, milky bath when my mouth invaded his space. If I had consumed my power shake more ravenously, I might have swallowed the butiki, and who knows what I’d be writing now (maybe from a hospital bed?)."