Daniel Padilla, pinagsabihan ni Karla Estrada na wag mandiri sa paa ng ina: “Binuhat ka ng 9 months nyan!”

Many netizens were amused and reacted positively to the recent post of actress Karla Estrada humorously chiding her son, Daniel Padilla, not to loathe her feet.

Karla made the post after seeing her son DJ appearing to loathe her feet after she rested it on his thighs as he slouched on the couch.

The actress must have secretly snapped a photo of that particular instance and then uploaded it on Instagram with a caption that seem to humorously chide her son.

Hi kuya @supremo_dp wag mo Pandirihan ang paa ko!!! Binuhat ka ng 9 months nyan!!!” Karla wrote in her post.

The photo showed DJ slouched on a couch, looking at his mobile phone, while Karla’s leg rests on his thighs with her foot directly in his line of sight.

In the photo, DJ appeared to loathe the feet in front of him.

Karla also pointed out in her caption that because she carried DJ for nine months, her legs swelled terribly and remained to look like that until now.

“Kaya hangang ngayon manas eh! Nasa time square ka ah! Pa pepsi ka naman dyan! magandang umaga anak,” the actress further wrote in the caption, finishing it off with the hashtag #paghahandasaecq.

As of this posting, Karla’s IG post has gained 135,378 likes.