Photo ng PBB House na "binalot" sa blue construction cover, viral na

The well-known yellow house, a.k.a. Bahay ni Kuya, which has been the host of so many artists who made it through in showbiz and are now successful celebrities, is being covered wih blue construction cover.

There was also a visible sign that said, "A New Community Will Rise."

The photo, which has been taken and shared by a former PBB alum, Say Alonzo, has already gone viral.

Say could not help but express her surprise and also sadness.

"OMG!!! What is happening @pbbabscbntv ?!?!?!????!!?????!"

Tagging Melissa Ricks, she said that she felt sad, "Na sad ako."

Netizens wee likewise concerned about the Yellow Bahay ni Kuya.

Pinoy Big Brother, also known as PBB, is the Philippine's version of the reality show Big Brother. It has been one of the main avenues of hopefuls who wish to build a career in the entertainment industry.