Giselle Sanchez, may open letter kay Paolo Contis: "Please don't throw this family away"

Giselle Sanchez wrote an open letter to Paolo Contis regarding his six-year relationship with LJ Reyes, which has already been broken, considering that they have separated.

The comedienne and host, considered herself as an "ate" of the actor and appealed to him to listen to her because she believes that he can still save his relationship with LJ.

In her column in Manila Bulletin, she said, "To be honest, I still believe that there is hope to save the six-year relationship of Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes. Paolo is the key."

She recounted the time that Paolo was still in "Ang TV" and "Okatokat," emphasizing how good Pao is.

Now, she is appealing to him not to throw his family away.

"Paolo, if you are reading this, please listen to your Ate Giselle. We have worked together ever since you were a kid. I saw you grow up from “Ang TV” to Okatokat. I saw you grow to be a good boy to a good father and husband. Please don’t throw this family away who love you dearly."

Giselle believes that LJ has the capacity to forgive based on their interview. At the moment though, she is still hurting. She also said that wounds take time to heal.

Upon watching her interview with Tito Boy, Giselle said that her heart went out to the mom and former partner of Paolo.

She also said that she admired her strength and commitment to their relationship.