Julia Barretto, susuko lang sa isang relasyon pag ginusto ng partner na talikuran na siya

Julia Barretto recently got into the hot seat when asked what are the reasons that will make her give up on someone she loves.

Entertainment columnist Dolly Carvajal submitted the question to MJ Marfori, the moderator during the “Di Na Muli” virtual media conference held very recently.

Julia Barretto is currently in a relationship with actor Gerald Anderson.

The two admitted their relationship amid controversial rumors that they were already dating while Gerald and Bea Alonzo were still a couple.

During the media con, MJ read to Julia the question submitted by popular entertainment columnist, Dolly Ann Carvajal.

“In the trailer, ‘pag mahal mo di dapat sukuan.’ This is for Julia, what are the reasons that will make you give up on someone you love?” MJ read the question of Dolly Ann.

Julia was a bit hesitant at first and tried to repeat the question to verify what she heard was right.

“Yes, pag mahal mo di dapat sukuan. But in real life, what are the reasons that will make you give up on someone you love?” MJ asked again, this time clarifying the question submitted.

The actress admitted it is hard to answer the question if she’s not in that situation, but gave her answer anyway, albeit in "general" terms as she herself said.

“Ang hirap sagutin ng tanong na ganyan lalo na pag wala ka sa sitwasyon na ganun,” she said.

Julia then answered she will only turn her back on a relationship if the person she is in a relationship with turns his back first.

“Siguro I will only walk away from a relationship kapag ayaw na ng isa. I’ll only walk away when he walks away,” the actress said.

She added that she would know if she is already in that situation because she would feel it.

Julia said that when that happens, she would not force the person she loves to love her back and stay with her if he does not want to anymore.

The actress said it is all about respecting that the person doesn’t want it anymore. At that point, she will also walk away.

The full video of the “Di Na Muli” virtual media conference can be found on the YouTube channel, Runner Rocky.