Old video of Yen Santos airing her thoughts on bashers goes viral anew

Yen Santos’ past remark on having bashers has resurfaced online anew.

In an ABS-CBN Entertainment video on YouTube released on September 2, 2019, Yen responded to most-Googled questions about her.

Among those questions was, “How does Yen Santos deal with bashers?”

The actress answered that she was not affected by negative comments about her because she chose not to read them at all.

“Sa totoo lang po hindi rin ako mahilig magbasa ng mga negative comments. So, hindi rin ako masyadong naaapektuhan dahil hindi ko rin pinipili na basahin pa. So, kaya nandyan na naman 'yan, bashers are everywhere.”

Watch Yen airing her thoughts about bashers at 3:48 mark of this video: