Alex Gonzaga, inilahad ang kanyang "pregnancy journey" sa emosyonal na vlog

Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada have finally released the emotional vlog about their “pregnancy journey” on social media

On Sunday, October 24, we learned that Alex dropped the video on her official YouTube channel.

Throughout the vlog, Alex managed to document each session she had with her ob-gyn up until the moment they found out that the embryo did not develop.

In the vlog, Alex openly admitted that she could not bring herself to vlog and record the details after that.

“We found out there is no development. There is no embryo. We weren’t able to take videos anymore. Our doctor said we have to wait another week to confirm if the pregnancy will not push thru anymore.”

Halfway through the video, Alex managed to take a video of her and Mikee after their teleconsultation with the doctor.

That night, Alex revealed that her husband went to sleep early, even posting a black and white photo of the latter resting.

Inside what seemed to be their bathroom, Alex explained how she has been feeling while in tears.

“Dun lang ako sobrang nasa-sad kasi I know na hindi lang ako yun may gusto, lalong lalo na si Mikee. We just prayed kahapon naman that the Lord will comfort Mikee more than me because I know that he really wanted this. We’ll just try.”

At what point, Alex also openly admitted that at some times, one feels like a failure because of what happened.

“Pagdating ko sa CR umiyak ako kasi as a wife, parang feeling mo nag-fail ka sa husband mo kasi gustong-gusto na ni Mikee pero syempre wala ka namang magagawa dun.”

Watch the video below: