Ellen Adarna, walang kemeng nilinis ang koi pond sa bahay ni Derek Ramsay

Ellen Adarna just showed that she is not the type of heiress who cannot do things without the help of others.

In a video posted recently on her IG Stories, the actress and her son, Elias, were at the koi pond area.

The sweet boy then noticed that there was debris, which looked like dried leaves, in the pond.

The mother then quickly went to the middle of the pond, took the small net for getting debris and scooped out the debris.

She then gave the net to Elias who was very happy at having helped his mother. He immediately threw the leaves at the side.

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, or simply Ellen Adarna as she is known in the showbiz industry, is a Pinay actress and model. She was born on April 2, 1988 to businessman Allan Modesto Adarna and Meriam Go. Her family is among the most prominent and affluent clans in Cebu City, being the owners of a chain of hotels, condominium buildings, resorts, and motels located not only in Cebu province but also in Davao and Manila.