Frankie Pangilinan reacts to Sharon Cuneta's advice on choosing leaders: "queen of character development"

Frankie Pangilinan commended her mother, Sharon Cuneta, for being straightforward in expressing her thoughts about the present government and other issues.

She recently posted a screenshot of one of Sharon's Instagram posts where she aired her opinion about the behavior of some Filipinos nowadays.

"Sadly, this is what this present administration has created and instilled in our people. Now, lumalabas na ang pagkabastos at pagkawalang disente ng marami sa ating mga Pilipino, Sharon wrote.

Moreover, the lengthy statement of the Megastar also includes some advice that she gave about choosing leaders who are God-fearing. She also listed a few qualities she believes make a good leader.

The Megastar's daughter was very proud of her mom and even called her "queen of character development."

She also expressed her delight that their previous conversations had led to her courageous views.

Frankie Pangilinan's full name is Simone Francesca Emmanuelle Pangilinan. Her parents are Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan. She is vocal about her opinions and is an active Twitter user.