Kapatid ni Andi Eigenmann, nag-post ng "resibo" umano na nag-sorry si Andi kay Albie Casiño

The sister of Andi Eigenmann, Stevie Eigenmann, took to Instagram and showed the alleged "receipt" of the apology of her sister to Albie Casiño.

The screenshot would show the lengthy message that Andi allegedly sent Albie. With all humility, Andi enumerated how sorry she really is to Albie.

The screenshot showed that Andi wrote the following:

"Awww, but regardless, (just in case you don't remember), I can defend myself to others had I ever wished to do so, but it doesn't mean you don't deserve a better apology."

"The person you met once before was very young, and lost, and quite obviously a completely different person from who I am today, so on behalf of the old me, I apologize, Albie! "

"Sorry for all the volatility I may have caused you in the past, and for being so young and naive, dragging you into something you were never supposed to be a part of."

"I sincerely hope that you too, are in a good place right now, and that you and your family are well and great. Hope that we can put that behind us now. All the best to you!"

At present, Andi Eigenmann is happy with her family. They live in Siargao. Her partner is surfer Philmar Alipayo.