Raffy Tulfo, hindi raw dapat mag-sorry sa bansa si Bongbong Marcos

Raffy Tulfo was asked by Karen Davila on ANC’s “Headstart” about the call for presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos to apologize for the corruption and human rights violations that occurred during the dictatorship of his late father, Ferdinand Marcos.

According to Tulfo, Bongbong has nothing to apologize for because the sins were committed by his father and not him.

Tulfo added that he sympathizes with Bongbong because he has also experienced getting bashed when his family members committed an error.

The senatorial candidate said that the public should give Bongbong a chance to prove that he is different from his father.

According to the World Bank-United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Stolen Asset Recovery report, Ferdinand Marcos and his allies amassed over P500 billion in ill-gotten wealth. The Presidential Commission on Good Government had recovered a total of P170 billion from the billions plundered by the dictator and his allies.

“Kasalanan nung tatay, bakit magiging kasalanan ng anak?

"Kasalanan nung tatay, bakit magiging kasalanan ng anak? Why would he apologize for something that he did not do, na ang may kagagawan ay tatay niya? Opinyon ko yan.

"Bakit yung kasalanan ng kamag-anak ipinapasa sa isang kamag-anak? Because I myself [have] been a victim of that. Just because nagkaroon ng isyu yung mga kapatid ko na kaapelyido ko, pati ako nadadamay. Dapat hindi ganun.

"Give the other relative na walang kinalaman sa kaso a chance na para maprove ang sarili niya,” Tulfo told Davila.