Vice Ganda talks about public servants on 'It's Showtime': "a true public servant is selfless"

Vice Ganda got straightforward when a health worker's life was discussed in the show It's Showtime during the Reina Ng Tahanan segment.

One of the competition's participants explained why she continues to work as a healthcare worker despite the risks it poses to her and her family.

Aside from that, she revealed that she gets paid an allowance rather than a salary for her work. Despite this, she continues to pursue the job because she wants to serve others, particularly during these difficult times.

Moreover, Vice expressed her admiration for the contestant's commitment to her job as a public servant.

He further said that the Reinanay candidate is a true public servant because, in his opinion, a true public servant considers not just his own welfare but also the wellbeing of others.

"A true public servant is selfless," he said.

He also commented that good public servants are focused on public service, which is why he feels those who became rich during their term were not true public servants.

"Yung mga totoong public servants, hindi talaga sila yumayaman at hindi sila nagpapayaman. Yung mga yumaman habang nakaupo, hindi sila totoong public servants. Ginamit lang nila ang posiyon para mabigyan nila ng sariling pag-angat ang kanilang mga pamilya at nagpagamit din tayo sa mga ’yan," he stated.

You can watch the video below: