Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos, nag negatibo sa illegal na droga

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos has tested negative for illegal drugs.

In a report by Manila Times, former Senator Marcos voluntarily submitted himself to a drug test after there were some who thought he was the one alluded to by the President.

Earlier, President Rodrigo bared that he had information about a candidate for president who is allegedly using illegal drugs.

He described the person as coming from a very powerful and wealthy family, and that he’s known because of his father.

Some believed that President Duterte was alluding to Bongbong, which is an assertion that the former legislator vehemently rejects.

Perhaps in a bid to put the issue to rest, the former senator submitted to a drug test inn a Metro Manila hospital on November 22.

As to the reason why he submitted to a drug test, he said that when the President revealed that information about a presidential candidate using illegal drugs, he immediately had himself tested.

“Pagkatapos ng salita ni Pangulo. Eh di lahat tayo magpa-drug test. Eh di inunahan ko na,” Bongbong said.

In a report by CNN, the former senator said in an interview that he tested negative for illegal drug use.

Upon receiving the results, he then had a copy submitted to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

According to a report by Rappler, the former senator, however, did not make a comment on the statement of the President calling him a "weak leader."