Heaven Peralejo, post niyang ‘22 rotations around the sun’ caption nauwi sa ‘scientific discussion’

Having her post turn into a scientific debate must have been the furthest thing from the mind of Heaven Peralejo when she made a post on Instagram to mark her birthday.

The actress celebrated her birthday on November 25 in a resort with close friends.

To mark her birthday, Heaven made a post on the Internet, consisting of a photo of her walking along the beach and a caption expressing gratefulness for all the lessons she learned.

“22 rotations around the sun and cheers to more. Grateful for all the lessons, blessing, and people in my life that have helped shape the woman I’m becoming. Here’s to thriving, smiling, and riding through the waves of life,” Heaven wrote.

Her use of the word “rotations” perhaps did not sit well with some netizens who immediately wrote their comments and observation.

Some of them explained that having “22 rotations” mean that Heaven is only 22 days old instead of 22 years old.

“The Earth ‘rotates’ on its axis, producing the 24-hour day. The Earth ‘revolves’ around the sun, producing the 365-day year,” a comment from a netizen read.

There were others, however, who defended the actress, saying her caption was “technically” correct because she stated that the Earth rotated around the sun.

Many netizens, however, disagreed and said that the proper term is actually “revolved.”

Whatever the proper term is, Heaven’s intention is clear and definite, and it is to describe that she has been around for 22 years.

Happy birthday Heaven!