Kris Aquino, dapat physically ready para sa next chapter ng buhay, ani Lolit Solis

Kris Aquino might have truly found her forever in Mel Senen Sarmiento but she has to be physically ready as she steps into the next chapter of her life, according to Lolit Solis.

This is what the veteran showbiz columnist said in one of her recent posts on Instagram.

She said that Kris already answered her question as to whether the actress is truly happy with Mel and the Queen of All Media answered in the positive.

“Sinagot na ako ni Kris Aquino , Salve. Tutoong happy siya sa piling ni Mel Senen Babe Sarmiento. Ito na nga siguro ang hinihintay na forever ni Kris sa buhay niya,” Nay Lolit wrote in her post.

The veteran columnist took note that even Bimby is very close to Sarmiento, whom Nay Lolit referred to as “Papa Babe.”

“…Kahit si Bimby mukhang very close kay Papa Babe,” she said.

Lolit also said that Kris has matured in various aspects and is not the usual Kris who would go “lovey dovey.”

“Siguro dahil nag mature na nga si Kris kaya hindi na iyon usual kilig ang makikita mo sa kanya pag kasama ang Papa Babe niya. Hindi gaya nuon na very lovey dovey ang drama niya, now medyo meron ng maturity,” Nay Lolit said.

She advised Kris, however, to put on some more weight as she looked very thin now.

Nay Lolit said it’s not “bagay” for Kris to look very thin, though she also said that the actress is blooming at present.

Her advice to Kris was for the actress to be physically ready as she steps into a new chapter of her life with Mel Senen “Babe” Sarmiento.