Lolit Solis warns Albie Casiño about making fun of Andi Eigenmann’s weight

Lolit Solis took to social media to share her thoughts on Albie Casiño’s controversial comments about his ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.

According to Lolit, Albie should move on with his life and not be bitter about his past with Andi, who is now a mother of three kids and is engaged to Philmar Alipayo.

Lolit added that if Albie is a gentleman, he would not say mean things about Andi including her weight gain. She also warned Albie that he would earn the ire of Andi’s mom, Jaclyn Jose, if he continues to bash his ex-girlfriend.

Albie got into hot waters after revealing that he felt happy about Andi gaining weight. He added that if he ever encounters Andi and she tries to talk to him, he would just ignore her and look at her like she has “poop on her shirt.” Albie is supposedly angry at Andi for implying in the past that he is the father of her eldest child Ellie and for allegedly not apologizing about it. It was later proven that Jake Ejercito is the father of the child.

“Napaka petty naman ng issue nila Albie Casino at Andi Eigenman , Salve.

“Sabi nga , erase the past, don’t get scared of the future, only give importance to Now, the present.

“Bakit ba kailangan balik balikan ang nakaraan eh tapos na iyon. Kung anuman ang nangyari nuon, wala ng puwede pang baguhin dahil nangyari na.

“Ang importante iyon nangyayari ngayon, iyon puwedeng gawin ngayon. Saka kung gentleman talaga si Albie dapat iwasan na niya mag comment tungkol kay Andi.

“May kanya kanya na silang buhay today, hindi na dapat ikinakabit iyon naganap sa nakaraan. Kung mataba o payat, whatever si Andi, dapat avoid ni Albie ang any comment about Andi.

“Pati tuloy si Direk Lauren Dyogi nasali sa rant ni Jacklyn Jose. Kung hindi nag comment si Albie, di wala sana issue. Kaya next time, iwasan mo na Albie noh, or else lagot ka kay Jacklyn Jose. Hell is nothing to a mother’s anger, tandaan mo iyan. Iwasan mo na, or else, lagot ka,” Lolit wrote on Instagram.