Paolo Contis, trending online matapos makitaan ng malaking pagkakahawig sa isang sculpture

Paolo Contis trended on Twitter after fans point out the remarkable resemblance of the actor with the huge sculpted head that was shared by the Korean boy band BTS.

According to the uploader, the video was taken by one of the members of the BTS.

They then shared it on Twitter and after only an hour of posting, the Paolo became a trending topic on Twitter.

As of writing, the post has gained thousands of retweets.

Fans also started calling the artwork as “Paolo Contis Sculpture.”

In one tweet, a netizen expressed sadness at the actor being noticed first before her.

“Paolo Contis got noticed by Hobi before me. Life is so unfair,” the netizen wrote.

Another remarked that BTS’ video of the sculpture is rare.

“A rare video of Hobi with Paolo Contis sleeping,” he stated.

According to Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the sculpture, which is called Mask II, is a self-portrait of artist Ron Mueck who claimed that his art “demonstrates the subtle play of realities that characterize his work.”