Bianca Gonzalez, nagbigay pugay sa lahat ng mga kumakayod ng 18 oras o mahigit kada araw

Bianca Gonzalez, in what might seem to be a gesture meant to boost the morale of Filipino workers, saluted those who work long hours beyond the regular 8 hours.

She particularly mentioned workers who put in 18 hours and more each day so they can earn to care for their families.

“Saludo sa lahat ng mga nagtatrabaho at kumakayod ng 18 hours or more in a day para lang kumita ng ikabubuhay ng sarili't pamilya,” the TV presenter said in a Twitter post.

Recently, the 18-hour work period became a hot topic on various social media platforms after some well-known personalities discussed the issue.

One of these personalities said that whoever claims that he or she works for 18 hours or more each day is either a liar or a fool.

Netizens immediately took to social media with one side bashing the statement while the other defended the personalities’ position.