Wedding guests, tawang-tawa sa "you may kiss the bride" moment sa kasal

A video of a cute and funny incident at a wedding has gone viral. Apparently, the bride does not want to be kissed by the groom.

The video, which was uploaded on the Facebook page "BBB News & Public Affairs," shows the bride and groom already at the altar.

It was already the most-awaited part of many guests and relatives, wherein the priest would tell the groom that he may already kiss the bride.

Instead of that quick kiss for the world to see, the bride kept on avoiding the groom.

The guy also tried to do his best to be able to steal a quick kiss on the lips, or even on the cheek of his bride, however, the girl was just trying to move away.

At the latter part of the video, when it is time for family pictures, everyone coaxed them to finally have that husband and wife kiss.

The video quickly went viral and it has gotten tons of reactions from netizens.