Melai, hinimok ang mga botante na bumoto sa Leni-Kiko tandem: “Para sigurado ang Future”

Melai Cantiveros, in one of her latest posts on Instagram, appealed to the public to support and vote for the Leni-Kiko tandem in the coming elections.

The comedienne and TV host also said that not all people support a candidate because of money as there are voters like her who believe in the tandem.

“Not all support involves money, believing someone is priceless,” Melai wrote in her Instagram account.

The TV host has declared several times that she’s not being paid to support and campaign for the tandem.

She also revealed that her statement applies not only to her but other celebrities who support the Leni-Kiko tandem.

In her post, she also said that celebrities like her who support the tandem do not get any money and it is fact news, not fake news.

“At Yan si @bise_leni at @kiko.pangilinan Ganyan ang supporta nming mga artista sa knila, walang katumbas na kwarta and that is Real, yan kay FactNews hindi FakeNews,” Melai wrote.

She then said that people should go for the tandem in order to secure their future.

Melai also tagged fellow Leni-Kiko supporters like Jolina Magdangal and Pokwang, adding that they’re also for Leni and so people should do the same.

“Kaya kung ako sayu, sa Inyu??? Mag Leni-Kiko na kayu para sigurado ang Future ninyu dba momshiejols@mariajolina_ig at atepoks dba @itspokwang27 Kay Leni kami sana Kayu nadin,” Melai said in her post.