Aljur, masaya sa balitang nangunguna si Robin Padilla sa pagka-senador: “Ang dami niyang natulungan”

Aljur Abrenica was very happy on hearing the news that his father-in-law, action star Robin Padilla, is currently the senatorial candidate with the highest votes in this year’s national elections.

Robin is the father of Kylie Padilla, and her mother is Liezl Sicangco. Kylie is the estranged wife of Aljur, with whom he has two kids.

Last year, in an Inquirer report, after the separation of Kylie and Aljur went public, the actress assured her father Robin that she and Aljur are better off as friends.

Before the elections, the Manila Times reported that the action star is within the top three spot, though virtually no one expected him to place number one.

According to Aljur, it could be because Robin has helped a lot of people.

“Kasi si Papa, ang dami niyang natulungan,” Aljur said.

In a report by, Aljur cited the stuntmen that were helped by Robin.

“Alam natin 'yan, di ba, dito sa ating industriya. Yung mga stuntman, tinulungan niya,” Aljur said.

Aljur said that it is one of the many things he admires Robin for.

“Doon ako humahanga sa kanya, e. He has the ability, kumbaga, kung kailangang ilagay ang isang tao sa isang posisyon ng pagiging lider, siya talaga,” Aljur said.

“And he remembers people. One time, may isang tao na isang beses lang niya nakita, and he was telling me, nakasama niya ito sa isang event,” he added.

Aljur also said that while Robin might not know a person, he remembers their faces.

“Hindi niya ito kilala at once lang niya nakita pero natatandaan niya nang tawagin siya. Si Papa, he takes care of his people,” says Aljur.

“And he understands the situation. So, actually plus yun para sa atin sa industriya, na nakaposisyon siya. Kasi, he knows, e. Alam niya kung ano ang dapat ayusin sa industriya. How to make it better. He’ll be striving to make our industry better,” he added.