Ivana Alawi, inihayag ang kanyang suporta para kay VP Leni Robredo

Ivana Alawi took to Instagram to voice her support for the candidacy of Vice President Leni Robredo.

She even uploaded a photo of herself, where she is wearing a pink top.

Ivana made a very strong statement in her post, stating that VP Leni is her president.

"Walang huli. Walang mali. Hangga’t pwede pa. Hanggang kaya mo pa. Kaya nating gumawa ng tama. Kaya kong isigaw bilang Ivana," she wrote.

"Ako po si Ivana Alawi at ang presidente ko ay si Leni Robredo. Sama-sama tayong manalo. At ipanalo ang akin ding Presidente…. LENI ROBREDO," she added.

Moreover, lots of netizens have reacted to Ivana's post. Many of them also mentioned the political candidates they support.

Ivana Alawi is one of the most famous and successful vloggers in the Philippines. She is also an actress working for the Kapamilya network. The star became a household name due to her viral photos on social media and her hilarious and light-hearted vlogs on YouTube.