Kyla, naglabas ng saloobin tungkol sa mataas na presyo ng gasolina

Kyla recently tweeted about her thoughts regarding the rising gasoline prices.

She seemed to be dissatisfied with the fact that gas prices have been rising while people's wages remain stagnant.

"Sobrang mahal ng gas. Pero yung sweldo ng mga tao hindi naman tumataas," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Kyla's tweet elicited various comments from netizens with most of them agreeing with her sentiments.

Some of them also aired their opinions about the matter. Here are a few of them:

"So sad I realize now sorry to say to my idol."

"Sobrang mahal na din ang bilihin."

"Absolutely correct"

As of this writing, Kyla's tweet has now gained more than 20,000 likes on the aforementioned social media platform.

Kyla, whose real name is Melanie Hernandez Calumpad, is a popular songwriter and R&B singer in the Philippines. She is married to former PBA star Rich Alvarez and they have a son named Toby.