Leni Robredo, hinangaan sa no special treatment na pagboto sa Camarines Sur

Leni Robredo was praised by netizens for lining up at a voting precinct without bodyguards.

We learned that photos of Leni in line with ordinary citizens at Carangcang Elementary School in Camarines Sur have gone viral.

The pictures were taken by Wena Cos of ABS-CBN News and were posted on the ANC Facebook page.

In the comments section of the post, netizens praised Leni for not demanding special treatment when voting. They said that the presidential candidate showed humility and simplicity while voting.

Here are some of their comments:

“VP Leni is the epitome of a good Servant-Leader. With VP Leni’s character, ability and experience, we are definitely on the right path to change.”

“This is the kind of leadership we wanted. Leadership by example.”

“Salute you Ma'am Leni, you are so humble, simple and a really a GOOD SHE-PHERD. God bless you po.”

“An epitome of good and humble Leader!!! A good role model!”

“No special treatment, that's our madam leni”