Video ni Aika at Tricia Robredo na ibinigay ang upuan para sa dalawang matatanda, viral

Aika and Tricia Robredo showed how humble and kind they are after they were caught on cam, giving their seats to two elderly ladies.

The daughters of the Vice President had no qualms standing up, and then quietly proceeded to the back of the classroom.

They did not have any chair so the two remained standing. Both Aika and Tricia earned praises for their kindness, with many saying that the girls of VP Leni are very inspiring.

VP Leni Robredo has already cast her vote at the Carangcang Elementary School.

She showed her forefinger, now marked with the indelible ink.

The lone female presidential candidate lined up with the people and did not exercise any privilege nor attempted to get ahead of the line.

After waiting along with the rest of the voters, the vice president has finally cast her vote.