Dennis Padilla, sinabing di sya binati nina Julia, Claudia, Leon last Father’s Day

Dennis Padilla went viral due to his now-deleted posts on Instagram earlier today, June 22.

We learned that Dennis posted on social media about not receiving Father’s Day greetings from his children Julia, Claudia, and Leon Barretto. He later deleted the said posts.

The comedian first told his son Leon that he forgot to greet him on Father’s Day, then told him to take care.

“Leon… You forgot to greet me last sunday … hehe… Love you ingat,” Dennis wrote to Leon.

Later on, he told Julia and Claudia that he misses her two daughters and that they forgot to greet him on Father’s Day. He also expressed his wish for God to bless his daughters.

“Miss you both… You forgot to greet me last Sunday… Hehe! Love you… God bless you more,” Dennis told Julia and Claudia.

Julia Barretto is a well-known Filipino actress, endorser, and vlogger. She is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, a former couple. She is currently dating actor Gerald Anderson and was formerly in a relationship with actor Joshua Garcia. The Juju Club, the young actress's own business, was launched last year.