Edu Manzano, pinuna ang biglaang pagtaas ng presyo ng mga bilihin: “Palengke is up by 35%”

Edu Manzano, in a post on Twitter, expressed concern about the sudden increase in prices of various goods and commodities in markets and grocery stores.

He also pointed out that fuel prices are poised for another round of increase by June 7.

The actor, by his own reckoning, said that prices of goods in both markets and grocery stores are up by around 35%.

“Palengke is up by 35% groceries are up too,” Edu wrote in his Twitter post.

He then warned about the impending increase in fuel prices, which is slated for another round of price hikes on June 7.

“Here comes gas,” the actor added.

Edu then expressed concern that the next industries that would implement price hikes would be that of the construction supply and transportation sectors.

“Wait for construction supplies and transportation,” Edu wrote in his tweet.

The actor also included an infographic in his tweet showing the prices of regular gasoline to increase by as much as P2.80 for each liter, diesel fuel by as much as P6.50 for every liter, and kerosene by around P5.30 per liter.

The fuel price hike is due to take effect on Tuesday, June 7.