Jim Paredes, nagbirong tumaas umano ang blood pressure dahil sa taas ng presyo ng gasolina

Singer Jim Paredes took to Twitter and described in a funny manner how expensive gas prices have become.

He commenced a two-part tweet by saying that he was "robbed" at the gas station.

"First off, THANK YOU EVERYONE for your concern. I'm ok, just a little shaken up, but l'll be ok. For those of you who don't know what happened, I was robbed last night at the gas station. I gathered myself together, my hands were still shaking, I was dizzy and I honestly," was the first tweet of Jim.

In his second tweet, he then revealed that his blood pressure shot up, and that the "robbery" was actually done by pump number two.

"I think I was in shock. My money was gone. I called the police, they were fantastic and called for medical assistance as my blood pressure was through the roof. The police asked me if I knew who did it, and I told them 'Yes, it was pump number 2.'"