Karen Davila, pinuna ang ginawang pagpakawala ng PNP sa SUV driver: “When is hit and run not a crime”

Karen Davila, in a Twitter post, slammed the PNP for allegedly allowing the SUV driver who was involved in a supposed hit-and-run incident in Mandaluyong City to go scot-free.

The incident was captured by what appeared to be a dashboard camera, the video of which later went viral.

For the multi-awarded broadcaster, the series of events that happened up until today involving that incident is nothing short of disturbing.

“This is so disturbing on so many levels,” Karen tweeted.

Earlier, the suspect went to the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame to surrender to PNP OIC Gen. Vicente Danao, where they subsequently held a press conference with the authorities.

During the press conference, the SUV suspect apologized to the victim and also narrated what happened from his point of view.

The PNP then issued a statement they can no longer hold the suspect as the time where they can arrest him without a warrant already lapsed, adding it is now up to the courts to issue an arrest warrant.

For Karen, however, this shouldn’t have happened.

“Suspect admits to running over the security guard as seen on viral video, holds a presscon with the PNP and lets him walk free,” she tweeted, questioning the authorities when is a hit-and-run not a crime.

“Since when is a hit and run not a crime?” Karen tweeted.

According to the PNP, the case would have to go through a preliminary investigation to find probable cause and then elevated to the court, only then would a warrant of arrest be issued.