Sandro Marcos, kinumpirma kay Lani Mercado na may GF siya: “Yes… Atin-atin lang yan ha”

Sandro Marcos, the representative of the 1st District of Ilocos Norte, confirmed to Bacoor Mayor Lani Mercado that he already has a girlfriend.

The legislator made the confirmation in a chance encounter with the Bacoor chief executive during the inauguration of VP-elect Sara Duterte in the city of Davao.

At the time, Senator-elect Bong Revilla was having one of his live sessions on Facebook, when Sandro passed by them.

Mayor Lani then asked Sandro about where his girlfriend lives.

“Hello Sandro,” said Mayor Lani when the young legislator came to them.

“Ang girlfriend mo pala taga-Bacoor?” asked the Bacoor chief executive.

Sandro then nodded and answered in the affirmative.

“Yes,” the young Marcos said.

“Ikinuwento ni Bryan sa akin,” Mayor Lani continued.

Rep. Sandro then asked if the mayor could keep the information under wraps.

“But atin-atin lang yan ha,” Rep. Sandro said, to which Mayor Lani agreed, prompting what sounded like Sen. Bong Revilla to quip that the two have a secret.

“Hahaha may sekreto ka ha,” the voice that sounded like Sen. Bong said.

Recently, social media went abuzz with talks about the rumored girlfriend of Rep. Sandro, though such talks are still subject to confirmation.