Sen. JV Ejercito calls for "justice to be served" and "prison time" on SUV driver hit-and-run case

Sen. JV Ejercito took to Twitter and once more expressed his thoughts on the case of Jose Antonio Sanvicente, the SUV driver who ran over a security guard in Mandaluyong.

He said that the driver needs to pay the consequences of his actions.

"Jose Antonio San Vicente has to pay the consequences of his action."

He added that prison time could be a chance for the SUV driver to reform.

"Also prison time might be a good chance for him to reform."

The senator then added that he also received information that the driver has a history of stabbing because of a traffic altercation.

"Received info that he has a history of stabbing an older person because of a traffic altercation."

In the end, he called for "Justice has to be served."

Joseph Victor Gomez Ejercito, more popularly known as JV Ejercito, is a Filipino politician. He is the son of former president Erap Estrada. He also served as a senator of the Philippines from 2013 to 2019.