Skusta Clee, nag-back out umano sa stage dahil sa pag-chant ng audience

Skusta Clee, or Daryl Ruiz, has once again found himself under the spotlight after a video of his performance at a concert trended among netizens.

In a video, posted by Facebook user Joshua Genel Beles, the Filipino hip-hop group, Ex Battalion, seemed to be performing on stage.

However, we learned that when it was Skusta Clee's time to sing, the crowd suddenly became negative and started to chant against the singer.

All throughout the video, some of the people in the audience raised their middle fingers at the singer and chanted negatively towards him.

Following this event, Skusta could then be seen walking back at the end of the stage together with other people. Some netizens believe that he backed out of the performance because of the crowd's negativity but this has not yet been confirmed.

This is not the first time Skusta Clee was met with such backlash as he also recently made headlines after the crowd at the Clark Music Festival booed his performance.

As of this writing, Joshua's video has garnered over 1.8 million views, 18,000 shares, and 500 comments on Facebook.

Watch the video below: