Skusta Clee, sobrang miss na ang anak nila ni Zeinab Harake: "Miss you so bad anak"

Skusta Clee took to his IG Stories and posted a photo of Bia, his daughter with Zeinab Harake.

He then expressed how much he already misses his daughter.

"I miss you so bad anak," went the caption of the rapper.

It may have been quite some time since Skusta was able to spend time with Bia, which may have prompted him to express how much he misses his little one.

The rapper recently performed at the Aurora Music Fest. He has also been posting on social media clips and photos.

He stirred buzz on social media after he reacted to a viral artwork circulating online.

A video from when he was performing "Zebbiana" inspired the said artwork circulating on social media.

On Instagram, the Filipino rapper-singer then asked who the person was behind the viral artwork.

Skusta Clee is a Filipino rapper and singer. He is also a songwriter and record producer. He is also a member of Ex Battalion, a popular Filipino hip-hop group. He is the father of Zeinab Harake's baby, Bia.