TikTok influencer na si Abe Suriaga, pinakita ang umano'y messages ni Skusta Clee sa kanya

Skusta Clee, or Daryl Ruiz, has found himself under the spotlight once again after a TikTok influencer posted screenshots of his alleged messages online.

In two separate videos, posted on June 11, Saturday, we learned that TikToker Abe Suriaga briefly talked about the rapper-singer asking her how she is.

Base on the alleged screenshots she provided online, Skusta Clee seemed to have sent her the messages on the same day she posted the video.

"Kamusta?" Skusta Clee simply wrote in the message he allegedly sent in the afternoon before allegedly sending two thumbs up emoticons around the evening.

Abe's original video eventually earned some responses from netizens who were initially skeptic on whether or not the screenshot was legit.

Following this news, Abe then posted a new video showing proof that the person who messaged her was from Skusta Clee's alleged official account on Facebook.

As of this writing, Abe's two videos earned over 6.8 million views and 2.8 million views respectively on TikTok.

Watch the videos below: